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A family heritage, they are key to the company, defining its principles of conduct and action and forming the bond between all of its members. Professional engagement, respect of each individual, integrity, loyalty, and solidarity are the fundamental values of the company. They are not merely guidelines, they are rules for each to follow.


Quality is not decreed, it is lived every day by the imposition and acceptance, by all members in the company's leadership, of quantitative parameters and qualitative specifics, responding to all noted criteria and maintaining the necessary service to customers.


Customer service is an integral part of our commercial plan. Personalized on demand, it is a cultural acquisition of our company which goes further than the habitual paradigms of the profession.


For Mondiale des Vins, its values are inscribed in the development of its teams and talents.

It is a major societal pursuit since they have declined in their every day usage and their application is a condition to which all members that constitute our company must abide.


At its current scale, the company desires and can contribute to the reduction of its atmospheric wastes, energy consumption, and noise, whilst utilising recyclable materials.

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