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It all began with Pihan d’Ancreville, who first conceived the idea of producing his own champagne, a dream that would materialize when Louis Truchon-Bartes, a cork manufacturer in Epernay, decided to develop a new champagne in order to test his numerous innovations in cork production.


Amidst the thunderous appraisal of his family and friends, he decided to launch his own intimate brand of champagne, little by little, out of love for the product and the close familial setting from which it was begotten.



It then became the turn of Yves, son of Louis, to cultivate the same passion for this sumptuous beverage into an idea, a dream, which would ultimately become Mondiale des Vins. He was encouraged by his champenois and, most of all, supernacien environment in which already established were the greatest names in Champagne : Chandon, Mercier, Pol Roger, Billecart Salmon, Joseph Perrier, to name a few with whom he maintains strong ties to this day. His idea and vision solidified over the course of more than twenty years overseas in the closed circles of producers of Brazil, Italy, and California.


Yet it is Adrien, son of Yves, who made the necessary leap forward in founding the company of which he is now CEO. The strategy which he has devised for the young company centres around three priorities with the goal of constantly pursuing excellence: quality, customer service, and the scaling-up of its products.

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